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The selected pixel this week is: 271328

CA: 0xdf41434ba46f6b66861198cae27f6e6e0ae272b2

We wanted to do something different. Something fun, diverse, and full of the feeling of adventure, bad-ass pirates, and “friends against the world” that is One Piece into a project. Taking inspiration from Alex Tew and his million-pixel page concept, we had an idea. We have a map of the Grand Line made into a grid of one million blocks, organized in a 1000 × 1000 layout.


This is a pure fan-inspired experiment in DeFi mechanisms. We are not affiliated with or in correspondence with Eiichiro Oda or Shōnen Jump in any way shape or form. We have not taken or used any of their intellectual property – we are only inspired by it. We also do not guarantee that holders of the 1Piece token will gain or have anything but fun! Everything we do here is a meme or joke meant to be enjoyed across the DeFI community.

What is “One Piece?”